Why BK Assistant’s software is unique?

Our software was developed by bankruptcy paralegals, not attorneys or software engineers. The reason that’s important is in most law firms, the legal assistants and paralegals are getting the questionnaires filled out and all documents from the clients. So why would the attorneys and/or software guys have the solutions to this process they aren’t doing themselves? That’s why our software is different than everybody else’s in the industry. Our software fixes the three biggest bankruptcy issues with: Step-by-step video tutorials, Document uploads, that use technology to read the clients documents and auto populate the data into the system.

Our software is designed to be used from any mobile, tablet or desktop device

This allows your client to fill out the questionnaire and upload the requested documents (with professional quality scans) from anywhere, they don’t have to be sitting at home on their desktop computer.

Step-by-step videos on how to scan professional quality documents into the system from their mobile or tablet device

This helps in getting all the requested documents as anybody can follow simple video instructions on how to take a picture and allow their phone or tablets software to do the rest.

Our questionnaire adapts to each client, so it only asks for relevant information to be filled out

This ensures we get the most amount of relevant data from each client. Each client is only going to spend so much time filling out the information asked for. Our software doesn’t waste part of that time on information that doesn’t apply to each individual client. Most questionnaires if not all require the client to adapt to it but expect the most information out of the client. Our software does the opposite, it gets the most out of the client by adapting to the individual client.

Branded as your own software free

Why BK Assistant software fixes the top 3 problems in bankruptcy with its software:

  • Getting Client Documents:

    Clients can scan and upload documents from any mobile or tablet device as well as a desktop scanner; Our software reads the data needed in the uploaded documents to auto populate most of the client questionnaire; Gives the client a benefit to upload all the documents into the system (less work); Scanning and uploading documents is easy convenient and free, not every client has a scanner or the funds to go and have them professionally scanned.

  • Completed Questionnaire:

    The step-by-step video tutorials help the client fill out the information needed. It walks them through the questionnaire step-by-step, it’s like the client took your assistant home with them to help in accurately completing the questionnaire; Our questionnaire adapts to each client, so it only asks for relevant information to be filled out; Our system is mobile based so it can be done on the go, the client doesn’t have to sit at home.

  • Data entry from client documents and questionnaire into the bankruptcy petition: (Auto populate/ Data merge)

    Our system reads the client data and auto populates it into the client questionnaire to reduce time for the client to fill out data. The client is just mainly reviewing and editing information to make sure its accurate. Our system can (additional fee) auto populate most of the petition for the attorney as well.

How does BK Assistant software benefit my law firm?

It reduces time spent by your support staff in getting documentation and information from the client, your office has already requested multiple times, with our step-by-step tutorial videos. By giving clients an incentive to scan the documents needed into the system, you get two things: more accurate and complete information and documents. This reduces the data entry time significantly for you and your clients. No other system does that. You might find a system that does auto populate, however auto populating half, a quarter, or bad/inaccurate information needed doesn’t help anybody, except the software company.

Why choose BK Assistant over the competition?

Besides our software being more comprehensive than any other options out there right now. We want to have the best solutions. We welcome feedback such as: comments, suggestions, criticisms, and opinions. We welcome ideas and opinions you have about what isn’t out there that would be a great help for bankruptcy.

Why does BK Assistant do most other questionnaires don’t:

Because we offer more than others such as:

  • Our software designed to be used from any mobile, tablet or desktop device
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to fill out the questionnaire
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to scan and upload documents
  • Branding our software as your own
  • Scanning your clients uploads and auto populating portions of the questionnaire
  • Our questionnaire adapts to each client (not the client adapting to our questionnaire)
  • Sends out completed petition for client signature (notifies client and allows executed upload)
  • Walks client thru getting free credit reports
  • Auto populates creditors from credit reports

Do consumers have access to BK Assistant software?

No. Only law firms and their counterparts.

Does BK Assistant software merge and/or work with other petition prep companies?

No. We are in the process of launching our own preparation software that auto populates the petition. We’re currently working on partnering with a couple different companies to give our customers more options.